10 little things about me

DOB: August 17, 1999 

I'm the eldest and wisest sibling in my fam ;)


Fave food: AVOCADOS!!!

Fave spot I've been (so far): Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra, Portugal...romantic palace surrounded by magical gardens...sigh... 

I love popcorn in thunderstorms, blankets, house bands in restaurants 

Three people I would love to have a convo with: Earthy Andy, Bethany Hamilton & Elvis Presley

Qualities of my life-long friends: belly-laugh enablers, great listeners, adventure seekers & deep chatters

I was homeschooled! Less drama :) No snow days :(

Proud Burlingtonian (Ontario, Canada not Vermont)

I'm bad at writing bios so I'll stick to writing songs :)