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Hey! I'm a singer/songwriter and a proud Canadian!  I love deep chats on the meaning of life and I can't help but turn real life situations into lyrics. :) Super grateful that cupcakes are a thing and, FYI, my dad's quesadillas are da bomb!

I'm probably overly sentimental and often tear up watching romcoms.  


Not having to spend even one day inside of a school  (homeschooling rocks!) meant I had extra time for music. I wrote my first song when I was 11.  My incredible music teacher, Rebekah, would listen to my poorly formed songs and still encourage me to keep going! Hopefully they've improved since then.

Some of my musical influencers are: T-Swift, Julia Michaels, Alec Benjamin, Sigrid, Maisie Peters, Elvis (yes, that Elvis), Alessia Cara and Ruth B. 

Memorable music moments include: coming in at the gold level for the Nashville based Song Star competition; playing my originals at The Sound of Music Festival in Burlington; at Canada's Largest Ribfest; in Nashville at the CD Baby DIY Conference; on CHCH television for their Music Friday segment; for the Live and Local Music Series at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre. I was stoked when my song, Time, got on Spotify's New Music Canada playlist last August!

EVERYONE has a story to tell.  I love nothing more than to write some of those stories down and put them to music.

I'd really rather be talking to you in person but until then, I hope you enjoy my tunes. I'm working hard at getting more out soon...

And by the way, in case you didn't know it already - you're a 12 out of 10 ;)

Abby J